Flashforge Adventurer 3
Flashforge Adventurer 3
Flashforge Adventurer 3
Flashforge Adventurer 3

Flashforge Adventurer 3

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The Flashforge Adventurer 3 is a member of a new generation of easy-to-use desktop entry-level 3D printers. You can easily, affordably, and conveniently achieve good 3D printing results with the Adventurer 3. You can monitor your 3D printer from anywhere in the world thanks to the built-in camera. Because of its exceptional properties, the device is ideal for beginners.

Other innovative features of this 3D printer include an easily removable print bed and an easily replaceable nozzle. With cloud print and its built-in camera, you can easily control it online. The small size allows it to fit on your desk. Its features make it an excellent 3D printer for educational and home use.

Consumables Diameter: 1.75mm
Certification: CE
Printing Speed: 10~100mm/s
Bed Temp: 100℃
Slice Thickness: 0.1~0.4 mm
Language: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese
Maximum Printing Speed: 100mm/s
Interface Type: USB
Filament: ABS/PLA/PETG
Slice Software: Flashprint
Power Supply: AC100-240V/DC 24V/6.25A,150W
Precision: 0.1-0.2 mm
Voltage: 110-220V
Operating System: Win xp/Vista/7/8/10/Mac OS/Linux
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
Diameter Temp: 240℃
Auto Levelling: YES
Maximum Print Size: 150 x 150 x 150 mm
Molding Technology: FDM
Extruder Count: Single
Product Size: 38*40*40.5mm

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